Information on Volunteering

Volunteers are expected to follow those things which the parish has set down for the particular ministry or program. Volunteers are required to sign or fill out the appropriate forms for the position to which they are volunteering. Ask the person responsible for that particular area what this means or look in the guidelines document.

VIRTUS: “Protecting God’s Children for Adults.”

All parents who are volunteering at St. John’s in any capacity and have not done the VIRTUS training are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. To pre-register, please visit here for a list of sessions available at various locations. It is very important that you pre-register to make sure your attendance is counted. It also lets the Archdiocese contact you if your session is canceled. There are a lot of sessions offered throughout the Archdiocese. If you would like more information about VIRTUS, please click here and then click on “Protecting Children” on the bottom of the page.

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