Council of Catholic Women

Council of Catholic Women

St. Anne’s Council of Catholic Women

St. Anne with Mary and Jesus
Painting by Leonardo da Vinci

Not long after Father Kaesen arrived in Vermillion on July 21, 1911, he began one of his first projects: to help the women of the parish organize a Christian Mothers group. Father’s goal was achieved on Oct. 1, 1911, when the group was officially organized and named St. Anne’s Mother Society.

The first officers were Catherine Holzemer, president; Maria J. Kasel, secretary; Maria Reuter, treasurer, and Barbara Fautsch, banner carrier.

Since its founding, the group has been a great asset to the church and community. Among its first major contributions was the large bell, christened St. Anna, that hangs in the church steeple. The society also assisted in financing the large stained glass window on the west side of the church. The group also performs many charitable works for the parish, including preparing dinners for families at funerals, helping with church cleaning, providing the teachers appreciation luncheon and the annual breakfast for St. John’s students graduating from high school. It also sponsors the Mission Madness fundraiser, various parties and donut Sundays. The society also contributes to school tuition, MCCL fund, Life fund and directly to St. John’s. It also contributes to the Women & Children Clinic in India and helps fund the digging of wells in Africa.

Every year, society members collect boxes of gifts and send them to the Appalachian Christmas program.

In 2007, St. Anne’s hosted the South East Deanery meeting at St. John’s. St. Anne’s currently is undergoing a revision designed to make it more in tune with today’s woman. Meeting dates and times have been changed to make it more accessible for women and fun activities, such as supper out and scrapbooking, have been added to bolster community building within the organization.

“St. Anne’s CCW provides an outlet for the ladies of the parish to support their parish community and show pride in our great parish,” said Angie Petit, the organization’s current president. “It is every woman’s duty and privilege to be an active member of St. Anne’s.”

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Current Officers:
Maria Therres, President
Susie Lau, Vice President and Treasurer
Teresa Beissel, Secretary

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