St. John's students study airplanes, rovers and rockets

St John the Baptist student engineers are learning from the past to engineer for the future at a 5-day science, technology, engineering and math field trip at the state-of-the-art STARBASE Minnesota program, a hands-on learning experience sponsored by the U.S. Department Defense, the Minnesota Air Guard and several technology companies  

The full-day, week-long STEM program exclusively offered only to students in six Twin Cities school districts, introduced many new, real-life science and engineering experiences to the St. John's students.  

"We have heard about this amazing program for several years and are grateful for the opportunity for our students to participate," said Sr. Navya, 4th grade teacher, "Our small class sizes and our eager parent volunteers make us a good candidate for attending STARBASE when a rare opening presents itself."

Our 4th and 5th graders explored airplanes to see how technologies change over time. They programmed rovers using math to ensure accuracy, and they used their knowledge about fins to design their own rocket fins to be 3D-printed and used on their own prototype rockets (being tested here). Call the school office today -- 651-437-2644 -- to schedule a tour and learn what our amazing school is all about. Click here to view STARBASE photo album.

STARBASE is a non-profit organization that is provided free to school and is funded jointly through the Department of Defense (Minnesota National Guard) and several STEM corporations and foundations, including Delta Airlines, 3M Corporation and Toro Corporation. Click here for more information on STARBASE.