Science Museum instructors give students practical lessons

Minnesota Science Museum instructors visited St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Vermillion and gave in-depth science lessons to 2nd and 4th graders entitled "Our Engineered World" and "Fossils: Clues to the Past."  

Fourth graders learned about mosquito-borne Malaria, how it spreads, and how engineers and scientists are working very hard to find a cure and developing tools (like mosquito nets) to prevent people from contracting the disease. In addition, students learned about people in drought-laden parts of Asia who walk very far for fresh water, often walking two hours and carrying only one gallon of water at a time. Families often need 15 gallons each day, requiring 30 hours of walking! But engineers have developed a new tool for people to much easier transport more fresh water daily to their homes. Engineers also are working to make trains in China quieter and energy efficient, by improving the train design and making them more aerodynamic.  

Second graders learned about dinosaur fossils through a skit dramatizing the process by which layers of dirt and sediment cover bones, creating fossils over millions of years. Students also learned how scientists study the physical remains of dinosaurs to assemble life-size dinosaur puzzles. 

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