St. John's principal fulfills marathon pledge

The all-school marathon at St. John the Baptist School-Vermilion wrapped up Friday with a fundraising total of over $22,000 (checks are still coming in).  Principal Mike Strommen successfully completed his 28+ mile rural run through the student hometowns of Miesville, New Trier, Hampton, and Vermillion, holding up the deal he made with students if they reached their goal, including a "super lap" the students requested once he crossed the finish line.

Parishioners Lawrence and Louis Teuber at St. Mary's parish in New Trier greeted the principal as he passed through town.

3M innovator James Ma, pictured on the right, joined Principal Strommen on the first portion of the route.

St. John the Baptist parishioners Kari Storkamp, left, and Angela Grazzini-Ferguson, right, joined Principal Strommen to provide an extra boost to miles 22-28.

Future preschooler Collin Pine met Principal Strommen in Miesville to cheer him on near one of the 50 handmade signs the students posted along the 28-mile route.

All St. John the Baptist students, faculty, parents and grandparents greeted and cheered as their principal returned to school and crossed the finish line.

Without question, the spelling and vocabulary word of the day was E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D.