Alumni event draws many graduates back to St. John's

More than 140 alumni and friends enjoyed an all-class reunion and happy hour at St John the Baptist Catholic School in Vermillion. The school's advisory committee hosted the open house event the evening before Thanksgiving. Alumni were invited to visit their old classrooms, flip through old yearbooks and connect with classmates. All classrooms were open to visit, student technology was on display and hot appetizers and refreshments were available for enjoyment.  "It was really a fun evening," commented Kate Ries, a committee member. "So many alumni of the school were happy to be back in the area for Thanksgiving and many enjoyed catching up with classmates and seeing the exciting things happening at their little school."

The class of 1987 had the highest turnout at the all-class reunion. Pictured above, front row, from left to right, are: Brandy Siebenaler Wentzler, Chris Rother Thorkelson and Maria Therres. Back row, from left to right, are: Erin Rother, Sharee Majeski Hanson, Steve Stodden and Rachel Rother Burns.

1967 classmates Carol Siebenaler Gorgus, Marcia Louis Crandal and Barb Lucking Ginther stand by a mosaic mural they built while in 5th & 6th grade at St John the Baptist in Vermillion. The students completed the mosaic, designed by Barb's 3rd-grade brother Ray, in a back storage room behind the janitor's sink during their free time at school, under the guidance of Sr. Nurena. Ray said they used a tile snipper to cut each tile perfectly.  "We all signed the back of the mosaic," remembers Ray. "And I remember thinking as I signed it, that every time I see this mosaic even years from now, I will remember that I had something to do with it."

Aaron Rother was happy to visit with Sister Burnelle, a highly popular former teacher at the school.

  Alumnae Roger Lucking stands with his fellow alumni daughters Becca Lucking and Samantha Lucking Werner.

Graduates Ellen Ries and Anastasia Gergen visit with their former principal and teacher Sister Tresa Margret.

Gary Ries and Helen Leifeld Wood remembered many special years in their Vermillion school.

Class of 1974 Mark Peine, Mark Stoffel, Jim Gergen, Ann Brockman Gergen and Roger Lucking attended a recent all-class reunion at St. John the Baptist School in Vermillion.

Class of 1971 alums Ken Braun, Duane Beissel, Judy Olson Ramboldt, Gary Beskau and Greg Ries enjoy catching up at the all-class reunion.

Classmates Carolyn Ries, Jeanna Endres Bauer and Samantha Lucking Werner enjoyed the all-class reunion at St. John the Baptist School in Vermillion.

April Stodden Wojahn, Janeen Peine Gifferson and Kelly Brockman McGrath enjoyed reminiscing about school days at St. John the Baptist School in Vermillion.

The Class of 1964 is in the house! Larry Kummer, Don Bauer and Jack Siebenaler share a few stories about life back in grade school.

Jeanne Poepl, Donna Frandrup Wagner. Greg Ries, Judy Olson Ramboldt and Rocky Ramboldt enjoy the reunion. Judy Rambolt is the daughter of the late Mrs. Olson, a long-time and much-beloved teacher at St. John's.

Rachel Rother Burns greets teacher Sister Mary Noel with a hug
at the all-school reunion at St John the Baptist School in Vermillion.