Service Project for the Year of Faith

Students, teachers and parent volunteers prepared for the conclusion of the 2013 Year of Faith with an all-school service project to rake leaves in the town of Vermillion after morning Mass. Students in Grades K-6 split up into teams to tackle the lawns of many senior citizens and long-time parish supporters of St. John the Baptist School. Bags and bags and bags--more than 70--were filled with leaves. At the conclusion of the Year of Faith on November 23, 2013, Pope Francis will meet with those, who as adults, have decided to become Christians. This gathering in St. Peter's Basilica will serve as a sign: That as the Year of Faith comes to an end, what continues is the commitment of every Christian to respond daily to the Lord Jesus, who calls us to be His disciples, sent into the world to announce the Gospel and to bear witness to the joy of a life lived in faith. Invited to this gathering are all catechumens, their catechists and all those in the Christian community who are journeying with these catechumens in preparation to receive the Sacrament of Christian Initiation.

In the photo above, Sr. Noel and half of her 3rd grade students pose near the 12 bags of leaves they raked at the home of Kathleen Leifeld in Vermillion. 

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