St. John the Baptist students present 'Passion Projects'
What if you were given the opportunity to use all of your knowledge, your creativity, your skills, your grit, and your opportunities to collaborate and make something amazing? Anything.  And you got to do it at school! In late May, 5th and 6th graders at St. John the Baptist School in Vermillion presented their "passion projects" as part of the school's project-based Maker Program. Projects included movies on rabbit care, race car drifting and promotion of the school; a new business for making stress-relieving "slimes"; creation of two utopian countries; and a robotics project involving the creation, programming and coordination of three robots. These projects are the capstone of the school's unique Maker Program in which students draw from all their creativity, knowledge, skills, teamwork and grit to create things of value. Over the course of the school year, the students created movies, wrote computer programs, built and programmed robots, and created graphic designs. The topics for the passion projects were completely decided by the students, who were encourage to follow their passions.