5th graders crack the case of the Valentine cookie mystery

It wasn't a typical Valentine's Day party in Mrs. Gordon's 5th grade classroom at St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Vermillion.  Before the snacks and treats were dolled out, students needed to divide into teams and crack the fictitious case of the Valentine Cookie mystery. Using four different chemistry test methods for six different "mystery" baking powders (mixing each sample powder with water, vinegar, iodine and an open flame "heat" test), students identified each different ingredient in the recipe, noting observations along the way. Following the same test procedure, the teams went on to test three mystery cookie mixtures and identified which mixture was Cupid's Heart Shaped Cookie recipe. All three teams solved the chemistry mystery successfully, and, most importantly, enjoyed the party treats.


St. John the Baptist Catholic School 5th graders Isabelle Petit and Cassie Bauer complete the heat test portion of the chemistry project.

Fifth graders Andrew Reinardy, Cade Kasel, Jakub Youngstrom and Joey Nauer complete the iodine test on their mystery powers during the Valentine's Day party at St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Vermillion.

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