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St. John's is a parish school that teaches children in pre-school, kindergarten and grades one through six. Our school is located in Vermillion, Minn., and was founded in 1958 by parishioners who strongly believed in the value of a solid Catholic education. The convent was built in 1959 and the school was staffed by nuns from the School Sisters of Notre Dame until 1993. In 1995, Sister Tresa Margret, FCC (Franciscan Clarist Congregation), became principal of St. John's School. In 2005, the parish constructed a $1.1 million, 8,200-square-foot addition to the school. For more information about the school history, enrollment or any other information, please contact us at:

St. John the Baptist Catholic School
111 W. Main Street
P.O. Box 50
Vermillion, MN 55085

Or you can contact us via e-mail.


St. John's School is located in Dakota County, about seven miles southwest of Hastings. The school is on the south side of 190th Street, between Co. Rd. 47 and Hwy. 52.


Busing is provided by School District 200 for students residing within the designated boundaries. The service is free.
Carpooling also is available.

Tuition for 2015-2016

Grades K-6: $2,100.
(Second child: $2,000; third child: $1,900; fourth child: $1,000; fifth child: $1,000.)

Quarterly payments: first child, $525.00: second child, $500.00; third child, $475.00; fourth and fifth child, $250.00 each.

10 monthly payments; first child, $210.00; second child, $200.00; third child, $190.00; fourth and fifth child, $100.00 each.

Pre K annual tuition per child: 2 day a.m.,Tues. & Thurs., $810.00; 3 day a.m., Mon, Wed. & Fri., $1,080.00; 5 day a.m., $1,890.00; 2 day all day, $1,890.00; 3 day all day, $2,655.00; 5 day all day, $4,455.00.

Pre K 10 monthly payments per child: 2 day a.m., $81.00; 3 day a.m., $108.00; 5 day a.m., $189.00; 2 day all day, $189.00; 3 day all day, $265.50; 5 day all day, $445.50.

In addition, there is a $50 non-refundable registration fee for a new student to St. John's and a $40 textbook & technology fee for each student (K-6).

Single annual payment made prior to start of school deduct $50.00 per child.  

School Volunteers

Parents are expected each year to become a part of the school's volunteer program. Volunteers are a vital part of our success at St. John's School. There will be many opportunities for parents to become involved. Every parent is expected to volunteer 30 hours per year. Our goal at St. John's School is to achieve 100 percent participation by our parents.

Dress Code

(Archdiocesan Guideline #5910)

Children's actions directly reflect their appearance. Therefore, we ask our students to observe a standard of dress appropriate for a Christian learning environment. Conceptually, it is the school's goal for the student to maintain an appearance that is conducive to learning and to reflect good self-discipline, yet also to incorporate a flexibility that allows the individual some freedom for self-expression. In an effort to adhere to this policy, the principal and faculty are obliged to interpret and enforce the policy as approved by the Faith Formation Committee.

Dress Code:

There is appropriate attire for different occasions: for church, for school, for work and for play. Students are expected to come to school appropriately dressed and groomed. This is primarily the responsibility of the student and parents/guardians. Since appropriate is such a broad term, we ask that the students follow these codes.

The only shirts, pants, and shorts that will be allowed are those that are without pictures or printing on them. NO ATHLETIC WEAR will be tolerated. It is suggested that students wear collared shirts under sweaters and sweatshirts.

Girls may wear dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, dress slacks, jeans, shorts, skorts, sweatshirts and t-shirts. Legging will be allowed as long as the child's bottom is completely covered. The jeans or slacks should not have holes or be frayed. The shorts, skirts, dresses and skorts should not be of the short-short style (if you put your arms at your side, shorts, skirts, dresses and skorts should be no shorter than your fingertips). School spirit clothing may be worn on any day.

Boys may wear dress pants, jeans, shorts, dress shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts and t- shirts. The jeans or pants should not have any holes or be frayed. The shorts should not be of the short-short style.

School spirit clothing may be worn on any day.

School Spirit days will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. School spirit clothing is the navy blue t-shirts, sweatshirts, and polo shirts purchased through the school. They have our logo printed on them. All items with the school logo must be purchased through the school. Navy school spirit shirts must be worn on all field trips.

Mass Day is a special day and we should remember that clothing should be more like "our Sunday best". Shorts will not be allowed at Mass. Children may change after Mass into clothes that follow the dress code.

Tennis shoes are required for participation in Physical Education classes and recess. For safety reasons, no open toe or open heel shoes should be worn for physical education.

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