Contact us:

St. John the Baptist School
111 West Main Street
P.O. Box 50
Vermillion, MN 55085


Deb Sauer, school office.
Michael Strommen, principal.
Sister Tresa Margret, Faith Formation director.
Mrs. Shannon Allen, preschool.
Mrs. Sandy Bauer, preschool aide.
Mrs. Teresa Huneke, kindergarten.
Mrs. Laurie Kristoff, grade 1.
Miss Maria Therres, grade 2.
Sister Noel Aranjanyil, grade 3.
Sister Navya Memattathil, grade 4.
Mrs. Melissa Dunlay, grades 5 and 6.
Mr. Bruce Aslesen, technology.

Note: St. John's teachers are busy during school hours and do not have time to closely monitor their e-mails. If you need a quick response from your child's teacher when classes are in session, please call the school office at 651-437-2644. Thank you.