St. John's students complete week-long artist-in-residency experience

Students in grades K through 6th at St. John the Baptist Catholic School completed a week-long artist-in-residency experience in mid-March, which culminated into many stage performances collaboratively performed and written by the school's students. Actor and playwrite Eric Sharp from the Community Programs in the Arts (COMPAS) nonprofit organization in St Paul worked with student groups everyday throughout the school week to guide the students in an art-filled, creative process to bolster self-expression, power imaginations, and expose students to perhaps their first stage or playwriting experience. The residency, in addition to other new arts programming at the school, was made possible by a generous gift to the school. The COMPAS program was begun in 1968 with help from the National Endowment for the Arts and became a nationwide model for bringing together innovative, teaching artist with students.

First grade students at St. John the Baptist Catholic School perform a special theatre game to an audience of students, parents, faculty and grandparents to illustrate their new creative expression and performance skills gained through a week-long workshop with COMPAS artist Eric Sharp.

Fun-loving fourth graders at St. John the Baptist Catholic School gather around resident artist Eric Sharp who spent a week with the school students, guiding them through creative, art-filled learning experiences.